STeP 2010 wird mit einer Keynote von Herrn Dr. Stefan Ferber, Innovations Software Technology GmbH eingeleitet.

Dr. Stefan Ferber is Product Manager for eMobility at Innovations Software Technology GmbH in Waiblingen. Innovations belongs to the Software and System House of Robert Bosch GmbH.

Dr. Ferber has more than ten years experience in software development, software processes, software product lines and software architectures for embedded, computer vision and IT domains. He has developed automotive specific adaptations of the product line approach together with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in Pittsburgh, USA as well as software architectures in cooperation with Bosch business units and public-funded projects. He joined the SEI International Process Research Consortium as a business representative to draw a roadmap for research in the area of process engineering. He is a certified ATAM lead evaluator and a proud user of the Personal Software Processs (PSP).

Dr. Ferber worked at the research center of DaimlerChrysler AG in Ulm in the field of 3D computer vision, robotics, and measurement technologies. In 2000 he joined Robert Bosch GmbH working on software architectures and software product lines as an internal consultant and researcher in Frankfurt. Starting in 2004 he was responsible for the Corporate Systems Engineering Process Group (C-SEPG) and the research department for software and system processes at Bosch in Stuttgart. Prior to joining Innovations he was on a special project assignment for Technology Planning in the field of Internet of Things and Services.

Dr. Ferber holds a Ph.D. and a diploma degree in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and a MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA.